HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) Conference — New York City

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If there are any computer geeks or people interested in computer security or hacking I invite you to join us for the The Last Hope Conference. Its from July 18 to July 20th, 2008. It is a hackers conference but i think of it more as a security conference. This year I will be in charge of the information desk. Tickets are only $70.

If you are interested contact me for more information or check out http://www.thelasthope.org/ OR www.2600.com OR talk.hope.net


From The Last Hope web page:

“The Last HOPE is the seventh Hackers On Planet Earth conference. Join the rest of the hacker community from around the world July 18 to July 20, 2008 for this momentous occasion at the historic Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.

There will be three days and nights of speakers along with all sorts of activities to keep you entertained and enlightened. We have a tremendous amount of space for us to make use of and it’s all right in the middle of the city, across the street from Penn Station. You still have time to get involved in this historic event, whether by attending, volunteering, speaking, or creating something new that none of us have thought of yet.

The Last HOPE. If you miss this one, there’s nothing left to say.”


Just Me

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Ok I promised myself at the last nyc tweetup i would start a blog. So here it is my random thoughts and stuff that can’t fit into one twitter message.


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