Comments on the Presidential Election…

The real and the only reason why the people don’t get a receipt of how they voted is because you would be able to buy votes. Starbucks said they would give anyone who voted a free coffee about a week ago. By the time the election actually happened they changed their policy and anyone who asked for a free drink got one. It is and should be illegal to prove you voted for anyone.

All the electronic voting machine hacks were done in an environment where they could hack the machines not in a voting environment. I think that makes a big difference. I do agree that you can hack anything given enough time and access. But even in New York, on the old style lever machines people were watching everything you did.

There is no way to make sure every vote counts unless you can give proof to the voter and the election officials. But if you do that then you will have people buying votes.

You can’t win. I’m not sure what the right solution is, do you?

I voted for the first time during this election, only because I had no choose. I thought my voting place was at the school across the street. And I went there at about 12pm and I had to wait about 45 min before they told me which district to vote in and where in was in that school. When I got to the voting booth they told me I had to go to another school a few blocks away. I then asked for a paper ballot and got one. I filled that out and voted that way.

You guys said earlier that you can’t walk into any voting district and vote. You are wrong. You can always request a paper ballot and vote anywhere, especially in NY. They had plenty of paper ballots. (Maybe they thought there was going to be a problem, but I saw hundreds of paper ballots at every table.)

I did vote for Obama. But I know my vote especially in NY does NOT count. The Electoral College makes it not count. And the president has less power than most people think. I know you guys know the power or lack or it of the president. Just because he got in doesn’t mean anything will change.

And the guy who called up is right. The Electoral College votes for the president never the people. And over 150 electors in history have voted against their states. He isn’t president-elect until all the votes are counted and mainly when the electors vote. I won’t sing in the street until its official.

Finally, I think you should be encouraging people to change the Electoral College. Having people understand and want to change the system is very important to change it. The popular vote should stand, always . People should understand that their vote does count for every election except the president. And there have been a few times where the popular vote didn’t count, not just the one time in 2000.

We only care about the electoral college about 4 moths before and after the presidential election. The only way it will change if we remember it always and try to change it.


AKA: Number301 and nycblkboy


~ by Thurman_Jamison on November 7, 2008.

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