Chacha Unoffcial Busness Cards

Ok Chacha didn’t have any updated business cards so i made these for my own use.

Taken from the official one. Just added the text and 800 #. When printed all the text is very clear. $1.24 a sheet to print at Kinkos. 8 on a sheet.

Busness card Model 1

Business card Model 1

Only added the 800# at the end. I know the text is a little blurry at the top. When i print more will make it actual text too.  $1.24 a sheet to print at Kinkos. 10 on a sheet.

Business Card Model 2

Business Card Model 2

Last one is my favorite i guess and the cheapest to print.  I changed the logo to all black and added Human powered search at the end. The only image is of the logo now. The rest is just stright text. I printed it on red paper. 20 cents a sheet to print at kinkos. 10 on a sheet.

Business Card Model 3

Business Card Model 3

Nice card got from another user. Haven’t printed any out. To expensive for so little information. Would be $1.24 a sheet to print at Kinkos. 10 on a sheet.

Business Card Model 4

Business Card Model 4

So email me if you are a guide and want these images. I have them all layed out on a single page for easy printing in pdf and jpg format. thurmanjamison (at)

Disclamer: I’m not offically associated with ChaCha except being an independent contractor for them. Copy copyrights and trade marks belong to there respective owners.


~ by Thurman_Jamison on July 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Chacha Unoffcial Busness Cards”

  1. That’s cool, thanks for that. I would suggest putting your name on them and telling people to use you as a referral if they are interested in becoming a guide.. that way you make more $$$.

  2. I know this is a bit of an odd place to ask, but is there any chance that I could get a ChaCha Guide invite? My email is dakotatrotter599 at gmail dot com

  3. Those are pretty cool. I may be interested in some! I was thinking the same thing about putting names on them and using them as referrals! Good job none the less.

  4. ChaCha is a great company to work for and I wanted to tell you about They are an unofficial forum dedicated only to chacha and there are tons of resources and help there. You can talk to other guides learn tips and tricks to work better and faster and complete FAQs for almost everything ChaCha! Plus you dont have to deal with the pressure of the official forums. Feel free to check us out and tell your friends about it. Its a perferct place for anyone looking to start with chacha to come too.

    I also have done the modified flyers and business cards they work great for advertising. I actually took mine out of the pdf format and made them into image files so I post the entire flyer etc on a forum, blog, website, and use it to advertise paperless.

  5. Heeey! I work for ChaCha also. I like the cards, that was a great idea.

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