Thoughts on podcasts…

Since I have no real job and no life I listen to a lot of podcasts.  My favorite podcasts are This Week in Tech and Buzz out Loud. The podcast networks i mostly listen to are and Cnet.

I’ve been noticing that alot of the podcasters keep saying they are running out of time or have some set time for the podcast. I understand that with some podcasts they might not have time to do 3 hours a day. What I don’t understand when they do have the time and still want to talk but still stop because of some set time in their heads.

For example I was listening to No Agenda the other day and they didn’t think anyone would listen to them for 2 hours. I listen on my train, while i’m working and anyother time i’m out of the house. Since i don’t have a radio this is my only outlet.

Any way enough for now.


~ by Thurman_Jamison on July 2, 2008.

One Response to “Thoughts on podcasts…”

  1. I agree, but they are doing it as a business maybe they got other things schedualed.

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