Thoughts on podcasts…2

I was a little sleepy so i didn’t end my last post well.

It seems that most podcasters are running the podcast like a radio show. Most of the popular podcasts are run by people who were on radio and now are podcasting. Since they had set times then they seem to think they need to have a set time for the podcast. I think that thinking is wrong. If the listener enjoys the podcast they will listen to the whole thing. Maybe not at the same time but they will listen to it all.

People with no radio experience that have podcasts are usually less rigid and just go with the flow. They seem to know that as long as they are interesting or informative people will listen no matter how long it is.

Leo Laporte is differnt though. He runs the TWIT network. When he started, I think, he was thinking in terms of radio and limited his podcast to a set time frame. Now hes streaming video of all the podcasts as he records them. Hes also not worrying about how long they are because he knows people will listen anyway.

(Hes now streaming audio and video 30 to 40 hours a week. Even when hes not online in the middle of the night there are usually 1000 people lurking.)

I’m talking about audio podcasts here though. I watch most video podcasts on my Tivo or on my ipod. But I agree they should be shorter. It takes alot more badwidth because the file sizes between a 15min clip and 30min clip are huge. I don’t want to watch a 30min show on my ipod, the screen is just to small. If I got all my podcasts on Tivo it might be a differnt story.


~ by Thurman_Jamison on July 2, 2008.

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